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Sense is Real

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What is your “IST”?

In college I had a difficult time adopting an ideology. Was I a materialist, a structuralist, a post modernist? Where would I fit in? What was my “ist”? I hated the idea of committing to one belief to evaluate the

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Terroir is Potential

In my last few blog posts I have focused on the French term Terroir. This concept, Terroir, is important in understanding fine wine. It makes a specific place special. Terroir is the essence of fine wine. It is the accumulation

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It’s Physical

Oregon’s Willamette Valley has a diversity of soils, climates, and surroundings. Those who have chosen to make their life amongst the vines know the importance of soil. However, soil is only one element of the equation. Grapes feed on the

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Distillate of the Earth

As a winemaker, I often get the chance to chat with wine lovers about vineyards, wines and the passion that drives me to make Oregon Pinot Noir.  The passion runs deep, so deep I often have to stop myself from

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Oregon Wines

I am making wines from Oregon’s Willamette Valley. It is that simple. My passion for wine began in the hills and valleys that have surrounded me my entire life. Everyone’s story is different and important, but the Idealist story is

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